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Back on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016, I took My Very First Flight Using My Precious 30,000 SkyMiles That I Have Religiously Saved For Through Delta Airlines To Go From Buenos Aires, Argentina To Toronto, Ontario Canada and I did NOT have a Very Good Experience at all!

To Start Off: The Flight Did NOT *** For At Least One Full Hour so basically we did NOT leave from Buenos Aires, Argentina as scheduled and we did NOT receive any type of Compensation For This Horribly, Drastic Delay!

Before We Received Our First Lunch Meal, One Of Your Flight Attendants Made A Very Strange Request And Demanded To Have All Of The Window Shades Closed During Daylight Hours!

Please NOTE: I NEVER experienced this before on any airplane in my life and asked Why and Never Received An Answer!

I felt Very Uncomfortable With This To Say The Very Least!

To Continue On: Shortly After That Incident, They Did Serve Us A Pasta Or Chicken Lunch, However, The Portions Were Not Very Large At All Compared To Delta Airlines' Portions.

I did In Fact ask for An Extra Meal because I Was Starving With Their Small Portioned Meals and Waited Over An Hour for one and sadly one of Their Flight Attendants Came Back And Told Me That There Were No More Meals which I did Not Believe because Not Only Was The Plane Half Way Full During My First Flight, but even One Of Their Customers Who Was Sleeping Near Me and Got His Meal Quite Late (Close To An Extra Hour Longer That I Had Waited) and it is Simply Amazing That There Was Still A Meal For Their Other Customer (Even Though It Was Rather Late), but there was NOT An Extra Meal For ME!

How Ridiculous and Very Selfish Does It Get!

Last, but Not Least, Their Inflight Entertainment System Definitely Needs Improvement as well!

During my Infllight Experience, I was NOT able to Find One Single News Station such as Fox, CNN, BBC, etc.

I have NEVER been on an airplane that does NOT have any News Station on their Inflight System and Aeromexico Is The First!

When it came to search for Music Albums on Their Music Stations, there was also a Very Poor Selection as well!

and.....When it came to Television Shows, Yes, They Have Some, but For Example, They Have No Cooking Shows, such as Kitchen Nightmares, No Designing Shows such as HGTV, etc.

Please NOTE: Aeromexico should examine Delta's Inflight Entertainment System and Follow Their Steps and Perhaps They Would Have A Much Better Service!


Please NOTE: I want to touch on One More Thing That Bothered Me...

Since Back On My First Flight, we were NOT Served Dinner, then by the time I got to My Second Flight, I was still Starving and sadly, there was NO Dinner Being Served on My Final Flight and I had to wait until the Very Next Morning For The Small Breakfast to be served!

Overall, this was Not A Very Good Aeromexico Inflight Experience and Definitely Not Worth My 30,000 Hard Earned Skymiles That I Used To Purchase This One Way Flight!

For Your Information, I am Now Going To Provide You With Some Vital Details That I Got From My Two Tickets For Your Reference And Further Review.








AM 31 X 01JUN


- 10 - 12:10

ZONA 5 15C








AM 692 X 02JUN


- 63 - 01:15

ZONA 5 11D

Enclosed, in the attachments, please find copies of my two tickets, along with other pictures that I took also for your reference and further review.

Overall, This Was Not A Very Good Flight And Not A Very Good Deal For 30,000 Skymiles!

Please NOTE: I did send out this letter of Very Serious Complaint to all of Aeromexico's Top Executives and I did receive two (2) Unhelpful Reply Letters:

One From Monserrat Dehesa (mdehesa@aeromexico.com) and the other from Edouard Francis Piquet (epiquet@aeromexico.com).

BOTH of them were Useless, Greedy and Selfish and Offered ME No Resolution and NO Compensation For My Legitimate, Serious Complaints!

Furthermore, BOTH of them do NOT know How To Read English and even Skipped Over One Of My Concerns Regarding Closing The Window Shades During Daylight Hour and Even Changed Around The Wording Of My Concern To Mean Something Totally Different Than What I Had Written!

>>> Can You Believe It? This Is What You Get From Third (3rd) World English Readers From Mexico!

Please Note: They could have offered ME some Delta Skymiles Back To My Account For This Disgusting, Horrible Service!

Instead, They Offered Me Nothing!

I am Never Flying With Aeromexico Again!

Final Thoughts: This Is Exactly The Type Of Low Class Service That You Get When You Fly A Third (3rd) World Airlines!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of aeromexico airlines flight. Aeromexico Airlines needs to "i asked aeromexico for a full refund of my 30,000 delta skymiles that i had used to purchase the one way ticket, or at least a partial refund and they gave me garbage instead!" according to poster's claims.

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What an idiot this guy is


This complaint is equal parts hilarious and ridiculous. Just like all your other posts on this site.

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